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Mark Clark Bassist, composer, arranger

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Mark of the Clark, Inc. creates and licenses music for video games, products, libraries, broadcast, synchronization and live performance. Specializing in the creation of custom made music products designed specifically to your specifications, and license pre-recorded tracks from the music libraries. Mark of the Clark, Inc. is also home to in-house composer, Mark A. Clark (BMI).

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Music in Nashville Tennessee (Music City, USA)

It ain't just country 'round these here parts no 'mo. Many of the finest musicians in the world (and some bumpkins too) call Nashville their home. Music is produced every day here in Nashville for Film, TV, Radio, & the Recording Industry.

Nashville, TN

Nashville offers a wealth of experienced session musicians, recording facilities, and artists from all over the planet. Whether it's Beethoven or be-bop, corporate or calypso, or the sound of KORN to the cobb of corn, Mark of the Clark, Inc. and Nashville have got you covered.

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